8.1KVA Tradie Generator


PROMAC 8.1KVA Tradie Generator

  • HP15
  • From 72 dB(A) @ 7m
  • Electric/Recoil starting system
  • Max Watts 6500W
  • Rated Watts 6000W
  • Weight 90KG
  • Fuel tank capacity 25L
  • Run time 11.3 hours @ 50% load
  • Dimensions L68 x W54 x H55cm
  • IP66 rated RCD & weatherproof outlets
  • 2 power outlets – 15amp
  • Battery & Heavy Duty wheel/handle kit included
  • High quality clean power
  • Sine wave alternators
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • 12 volt outlet
  • 3 year warranty on Torini Engines (4 year domestic)
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PROMAC Tradie Generators are loaded with IP66 Rated power outlets, RCD (Residual Current Circuit Breaker), Rollover frames and Heavy duty wheel kits. PROMAC Tradie Generators have a high quality AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) with digital stability control program. They also feature Hi-Lo limit electronic safety shut off making Promac generators one of the safest on the market.

All tradie units have an advanced alternator and electronic technology, this allows our generators to produce a VERY PURE, CLEAN energy supply. Thanks to these advanced technologies our generators are able to power the most sensitive electronic equipment such as: mobile phones, laptops and other micro-processor appliances.
Boasting a 3 year warranty for our Torini Engine merged with an innovative design and easy to operate unit, makes our generators one of the toughest and most reliable units on the market today.

< 5% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)

Part Number Description  RRP 
GT081E Promac Tradie Generator- 8.1kva Electric Start, Torini 15HP Engine.

Includes: Heavy Duty Wheel Kit & Battery

 $         3,060.75

Choosing the Right Generator for you!



  • 1KW =             1000W
  • 1KVA =             800W
  • 1HP =             750W
  • 1KVA =             4Amps (Single phase)
  • Watts =             Volts x Amps
  • Amps =             Watts/Volts

General Rule #1

Compressors and other induction motors (e.g. Fridges, freezers and air conditioners) will require a minimum of 3 times the HP of the motor to the KVA to start. For example, an air conditioner with 1HP motor will require 3KVA every time that motor cycles in.

General Rule #2

Common Applications – Welders & Compressors:

  • 120amp welder or 8CFM compressor requires a minimum of 5KVA
  • 140amp welder or 10CFM compressor requires a minimum of 6KVA
  • 160amp welder or 12CFM compressor requires a minimum of 7KVA
  • 180amp welder or 14CFM compressor requires a minimum 8KVA

General Rule #3

To work out the generator size required, simply add the wattage of all appliances or construction tools likely to be used at the same time. Don’t forget to allow for any induction motors. Use the Common formulas above to calculate your minimum KVA required.



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