High Speed Masonry Core Drills & Accessories

Perfect for… A rapid action core drill ideally matched to SDS Plus Machines

Gives versatility of core drilling from 25 to 110mm diameter. Speeds of up to 35% faster and with minimal breakthrough not normally associated with core drilling. Lightweight, thin wall design, weighing 50% less than traditional core drills, meets less resistance when cutting through masonry materials. More accurate holes can be drilled faster, and breakthrough minimised by drilling on rotation only mode, in softer materials. Great for plumbing and electrical applications in brick, block, masonry, etc. Only for SDS+ or Hex Driven machines.

High Speed Masonry Core can be used in:

  • Heavy duty concrete
  • General concrete
  • Hard bricks
  • Soft bricks
  • Lightweight blocks
  • Natural stone
  • Constructional granite
  • Limestone

Ideal when working on:

  • Waste pipes
  • Water feed pipes
  • Cable entry / exit
  • Flue passage
  • Extractor fans
  • Exhausts
  • Dust extractor ducting

DID YOU KNOW? The HSM range was originally produced in response to greater use of lighter masonry building material where Professional Heavy Duty Core cans be overly powerful. Their popularity rocketed when SDS Plus hammer drills became industry standard.



Find in Store
Part Number Description  RRP  
CL25S 25mm HSM Core Drill  $              88.45
CL30S 30mm HSM Core Drill  $              91.25
CL40S 40mm HSM Core Drill  $            104.60
CL45S 45mm HSM Core Drill  $            108.81
CL50S 50mm HSM Core Drill  $            127.06
CL66S 66mm HSM Core Drill  $            150.93
CL80S 80mm HSM Core Drill  $            213.39
CL110S 110mm HSM Core Drill  $            353.79
CL3SETP High Speed Core Drill Set Includes: CL66S, CL50S, CL30S, 2x CLPDS, DL100B4S, DL300B4S, CLTB, 5x Masonry drills.  $            375.38

High Speed Masonry Core Drill Accessories

Part Number Description  RRP  
DL100B4S 100mm HSM Core Drill Adaptor to SDS Plus  $              59.67
DL100x13S 100mm HSM Core Drill Adaptor to 13mm Hex  $              59.67
DL300B4S 300mm HSM Core Drill Adaptor to SDS Plus  $              84.23
DL300x13S 300mm HSM Core Drill Adaptor to 13mm Hex  $              84.23
CLPDS HSM Core Drill 7mm Pilot Drill  $              16.15
CLTB HSM Core Drill Tommy Bar (for disassembly)  $              21.06