SDS Plus Series

Quality forgings and precision machining combine to provide a durable steel with proven performance standards.

Ideal for many applications including; demolition, breakthrough work, chiselling, stripping plaster and channelling. Can be used in most masonry material such as; concrete, brickwork, mortar, re-enforced concrete etc.

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Part Number Description  RRP  
914894 SDS+ Cranked Spade Chisel Blade Size 40mm  $          16.04
S+FC SDS+ 20mm Flat Chisel 250mm Long  $          12.70
S+FCSP SDS+ 35mm Flat Spade Chisel 250mm Long  $          15.78
S+PC SDS+ Pointed Chisel 250mm Long  $          12.70
G80SDSTL SDS+ 80mm Wall Tile/Plaster Remover  $          67.39
G150B4SCH SDS+ Scutch Comb Chisel  $          89.15
SCCO Scutch Comb- for use with G150B4SCH  $            3.52