Soft Tile Drill Bits

Perfect for Ceramic Tiles & Glass

Soft tile drilling range is designed specifically for ceramic tiles and glass. Available in a range of sizes from 3mm to 13mm. Each pack contains two soft tile drill bits along with a standard masonry drill bit, included to provide convenience of job completion-drilling through brick or concrete wall behind the tile.

DID YOU KNOW? An Extra grind on the point makes our Soft Tile Drill Bits superior than similar products on the market and minimises drill wander enabling easier start-up.

Soft Tile Drills should be used on a fairly slow speed, typically 300-500rpm.

Find in Store
Part Number  Description  RRP  
PST03.0 2pcs x 3.0mm SoftTile Drills – Includes, 3.0mm Masonry Drill Bit  $              9.36
PST04.0 2pcs x 4.0mm SoftTile Drills – Includes, 4.0mm Masonry Drill Bit  $              9.36
PST05.0 2pcs x 5.0mm SoftTile Drills – Includes, 5.0mm Masonry Drill Bit  $            10.03
PST06.0 2pcs x 6.0mm SoftTile Drills – Includes, 6.0mm Masonry Drill Bit  $            11.37
PST06.5 2pcs x 6.5mm SoftTile Drills – Includes, 6.5mm Masonry Drill Bit  $            12.03
PST07.0 2pcs x 7.0mm SoftTile Drills – Includes, 7.0mm Masonry Drill Bit  $            12.03
PST08.0 2pcs x 8.0mm SoftTile Drills – Includes, 8.0mm Masonry Drill Bit  $            13.37
PST10.0 2pcs x 10.0mm SoftTile Drills – Includes, 10.0mm Masonry Drill Bit  $            18.06
PST13.0 2pcs x 13.0mm SoftTile Drills – Includes, 13.0mm Masonry Drill Bit  $            30.75
PSTSET5 5 Piece Soft Tile Drill & Masonry Drill Set – Includes: 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm & 10mm (Contains 5 soft tile drills & 5 x masonry drill bits in each size)  $            40.11