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So you’ve stumbled across our page and taken a closer look… Well, I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce to you what thinkBOLD actually is, who we are and why we started it.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Emma Stewart, one half to thinkBOLD and a serial entrepreneur. You see, I come from a long line of business men and women so you could say, it’s in my blood. You name it, I’ve pretty much done it. Some ideas have been successful and others, not so much. But hey, that’s the life of an entrepreneur!

Every time I had a new idea I craved advice and wisdom from someone who had experience in that field. I needed mentors! I looked for them the good old fashioned way, stalking them and emailing them until they said yes but most of the time, they were just too busy. Either that, or I scared them off. I thought, there had to be any easier way to get the advice needed to start a business.

At the start of my last business we had just relocated to Australia from the UK and launching a start up with absolutely no contacts is HARD! But I did it, I started my own magazine with no previous experience and within 10 months of launching it I successfully sold the company, at a good price too. I’m not saying it was all smooth sailing. I learnt a lot of lessons in that year, a lot of hard lessons. And while I believe you learn most from your mistakes, what if we could learn from those who had already ‘been there’ and ‘done that’?

That’s where thinkBOLD comes in. We wanted to create a one stop shop where young and aspiring entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs could come and find that much needed wisdom at affordable prices. At thinkBOLD we offer 1:1 professional advice from some of Australia’s leading experts. You’ll find answers to those deal breaking questions, further develop your business and deepen your knowledge to help you thrive in your chosen career. We have gathered a broad spectrum of mentors with expertise in marketing, finance, branding, legal, social media and much more to really empower you to succeed. We wanted to make it as simple as possible so it’s just a case of browsing through our team of experts, choosing one that suits you and booking in a time that works.

No matter how incredibly smart you think you are, or how brilliant, disruptive or plain off-the-wall your new concept might be, every start-up team needs at least one good mentor. Someone, somewhere, has already been through what you are convinced nobody else has ever confronted!”

– Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin

And who’s the other half of thinkBOLD I hear you say? Well, that would be my best friend and husband, Callum Stewart. Now I know what you’re thinking, husband and wife working together = disaster waiting to happen. Well, not for us. We have done multiple businesses together and I can honestly say we just work. We are complete opposites in every way so my weaknesses are his strengths and vice versa. I am the creative, messy, rushed, ideas gal and he is the organised, head on straight, grounded one. We just work. We have two young kids with another one on the way (I know, what are we thinking?!) and are so excited to be launching something that we believe will help the next generation of business men and women make their dreams, reality.

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